Inner Mind


Create Your Own Inner Sanctuary

The inner sanctuary is a place you may go whenever you have need of peace and renewal. It is a totally private place that no one else may enter. In this sanctuary, you are unconditionally loved as you are in the moment, no matter what is happening in your earth life physical reality.

This is an exercise of your creative imagination. To do it, you will need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may sit or lie down however you can be comfortable for ten to twenty minutes.

Settle yourself. Watch your breathing until it is regular and even. Intend for this to be for your highest good and the highest good of all. This puts protection around you so that nothing harmful will happen. Then ask to arrive at your sanctuary. If you are aware of a personal spirit guide, you may ask this spirit being; picture them in your mind and ask for their help. If you do not know any guides, yet, then simply ask the universe or god or the air around you.

Asking is important in working with spirit worlds because spirit beings are not allowed to interfere with human free will. You may desire something with all your heart but until you ask for it, spirit worlds are limited in how they may help you.

I ask to arrive at my personal sanctuary for my own highest good and the highest good of all.”

Now you are ready to set out. Imagine a little spirit copy of yourself coming out of your head. This spirit body can look like you now or as you like to imagine yourself or you may not “see” it at all, but simply feel or perceive it.

Let your spirit body go to your favorite natural wild place. A forest is good or a beach or river bank or even a tangle of weeds or native plants, whatever comes into your mind. Walk in this place. If it is too small in the real world for walking, then use your imagination to expand it however you like. It is important to start in a physical world space, but after that, it doesn't matter where you are walking as long as it is a secluded wild area.

 Well then, after you feel yourself totally immersed in your walking, start looking for a path to your right, that goes down. It may be a sloping path or some steps in the middle of nowhere. Take that path down and then come to a gate.

Only you can open this gate. Open the gate and step inside. It is light in there. You may have to blink a few times before you see anything. Feel how safe you are. As you shut the gate behind you, you shut out all the rest of the world. Now, let yourself feel the love that is there for you. And try to perceive where it is you have arrived to. Look, listen, smell, feel. Look at your feet. What are you standing on? What can you hear or smell? Remember, only things you love or that love you can be in this place.

Let the scene unfold for you. This is your imagination so accept anything that appears to you. Bring anything you want into this place. It may be completely familiar or delightfully new. Tell yourself what you are perceiving. Do anything you feel like doing there. Dance or explore or sit and enjoy. Ask for company if you like.

When you are fully satisfied, thank the place and any spirit beings that may be there, leave by the gate and close it behind you, knowing it will be there for you whenever you want to come back. Return to the physical earth place you started from and then bring your little imaginary self back into yourself through your head. Hold it in your heart, letting the energy of your sanctuary comfort and strengthen you.

On your first journey to your sanctuary, it is good to just be there and experience it. When you go there other times, you can ask for healing or answers to questions you have, or what to do about challenging situations in your life. After you ask about something, you must then listen for the answer. Accept whatever comes into your mind as the answer. You may want to read the section on this web site about communicating with spirit beings, to get a better understanding about this.

May the spirits be with you!