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Stories About Inner Mind Landscapes

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  • Dandelion Story
    I first fell in love with dandelions when I was a very young girl. At the time, I was living with my family in the city of Toronto. It was shortly after he bought his first car that my father took his family camping.
  • Plant Spirit Medicine Story
    “Hi Rita” a bright child's voice calls out. I release the thought bubble I am in and look around, momentarily disorientated. It has been years since a small child called out to me.
  • Spinning Straw into Gold Resume
    After twenty six years of being a stay at home mom, Woman divorces the man who had supported her and their children all those years. She now needs a job to support herself. The councilor at the employment office is younger....
  • Star Sister Story
    "Once upon a time, in a world far far away, there lives a beautiful maiden whose true name is not easily translated into our language so that she has agreed to be called Star Sister in this story."
  • Crowomen Story
    “You're taking biology with Prof Bolo?” the slim and graceful Medlan asks incredulously. Her math and computer pal couldn't be serious. “And why is it, remind me again, that you want to do such an off the wall sort of a thing?”
  • Remedial Plant Relationships 101
    "Prof Bolo arrives just as Petunia is pulling the casserole out of the oven. She sets it down carefully on the wooden cutting board before turning to greet him with an affectionate hug."
  • Conscious Gardening 101
    "Petunia walks meditatively among her gardens. Well, really, they are not my gardens, I am simply the care taker, she thinks fondly."