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Spek's Story
A Novel for Young Readers


Spek's Story is a 64 page novel for young readers, recommended for 7 to 14 year olds. Written for today's creative minds, it entertains while exploring positive thinking and action in response to the real contemprary environmental and human relations issues in our society.

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  The Quest of
Keppoch Mountain


The Quest of Keppoch Mountain  is a contemporary, well-paced adventure story involving tree spirits, spirited children and a worldwide computer network of kids Involved with the Wild World. The tree spirits are despairing that there are few mature trees left on this earth for them to live in, that it might be time for them to leave the planet. Kendra tries to imagine forests without any spirit in the trees, like skeletons of extinct creatures and she knows that she must do all she can to prevent this from happening. 

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