Inner Mind


Monthly Messages

Welcome to the Monthly Message section of my website, In this section, I will be adding messages on a regular basis, throughout the year.


  • January 2013
    "Several human calendars have turned a page, heralding a new age and a new year within it."
  • December 2012
    "Well, there I was bringing my message of 2 years ago onto the screen, thinking I would delete it and write a present moment one. However, I was inspired by rereading it, so I hope you are too."
  • November 2012
    "It is good to come to the season of the short days and long nights. The full moon in the clear sky of the other night illuminated the landscape quite magically."
  • October 2012
    "Some notes about equinox, and the first full moon of the fall season."
  • September 2012
    "As the Earth is a conscious sentient being, so all her parts and systems are spirit full and responsive to conscious engagement."
  • August 2012
    "It is a fact that during the past year many weather stations in North America have seen record breaking high temperatures. Global warming is happening."
  • July 2012
    "What an amazing planet we inhabit, as one species among so many."
  • June 2012
    "I have spent this past month, intensively involved with gardens, the ones I am caretaking for other people for my job with Helping Nature Heal, as well as the ones I am making on the land around my home."
  • May 2012
    "This past month, I did a presentation at a local Healing Extravaganza on the vocabulary of wellness. I realized that there are many health care practitioners who can work with your body and your energy fields and some who can give you insights about your life's purpose and spirit guidance. However, only you yourself can determine your attitude and your thoughts.
  • April 2012
    "Over the years I have developed a vocabulary of words and phrases that stay in the forefront of my brain to explain the world to me and help to position myself within it. When I consider where these notions have come from...."
  • March 2012
    "I've more or less kept my nose pretty close to the grindstone, this past month, spending several hours a day, anyway, writing away at my manuscript in progress, that is an account of all my significant shamanic journeying experiences and how they have impacted my life."
  • February 2012
    "There was once a sculptor who made wonderful creations out of stone. When asked how he did this, the man answered...."
  • January 2012
    "As I digest the energy of a very satisfying Christmas, I consider that Expansion includes new ideas, new personal responses."
  • December 2011
    "Every year, as time approaches the winter solstice, I look at the Big Picture of my life and consider my life's processes of the past year."
  • November 2011
    "After many previous months of immersion in plant consciousness, this past month has been full of people energy for me. Since I do not engage with any sort of media news reports, I am now getting a view of what is happening...."
  • October 2011
    "I have always liked the idea of life as a tapestry in the making, with each thread representing a person or an idea or a talent or favoured activity or a particular dynamic of the situation I am in, at the time."
  • September 2011
    "I live in the country in an area of fields and forests and lakes. The other day, when I went outside in the early morning, there was not a hint of wind, the air was still. The late summer heavy dew glistened in the first rays of the sun."
  • August 2011
    "I hope you are enjoying the vibrant blooming plant beings around you, and taking some time to simply appreciate and be friends with them."
  • July 2011
    "Most of my waking hours for the past several months have been spent outdoors, being and working with plants. Frequently there is not another person in sight. I work for a company called Helping Nature Heal, that does caretaking ...."
  • Summer Solstice 2011
    "May you take a moment to consider that we of the northern hemisphere are experiencing the longest daylight hours of our year today."
  • June 2011
    "The past several months have been full of challenges for me, many of which I had not anticipated. And so, I have been contemplating the spirit of Challenge in Life's and Soul's Growth processes from...."
  • May 2011
    It was in a recent conversation that my friend commented, in response to something I said, "Well, that certainly puts a different spin on things."
  • April 2011
    "I am sitting in the forest. There is patchy snow on the ground, though the sun is wonderfully warm on my face in this sheltered place...."
  • March 2011
    "A number of years ago when I was making a conscientious effort to adjust my thoughts and notions of reality to what I wanted to experience in my life, I noticed many people saying...."
  • February 2011
    "When I think about this past month, three words stand out in my mind: breath, fun and gratitude. Give your energy and attention to what you appreciate and what is of value to you."
  • January 2011
    "As I was cleaning and organizing the house for a Christmas visit from three of my distant-living adult children, I was thinking about their early childhood years."
  • Winter Solstice 2010
    "Sostice Greetings! Here in the mid latitudes of the northern hemosphere, winter solstice is a time of short days with beautiful mellow light."
  • December 2010
    "In the most simplistic understanding, voice is the sum of the noises that emerge from your mouth with the use of your vocal chords."
  • November 2010
    "About two years ago, I lost my voice. After several months of not singing out loud, when a song suggested itself to me at a campfire and I tried to give it voice...."
  • October 2010
    "I have been aware for some time that there has been talk about a shift in the year 2012 for the planet Earth and thus, for all of the Beings that live within her body, that has been predicted since ancient times."
  • September 2010
    "Last month, I did a long drive to visit friends and family. As I was preparing for this odyssey, many thoughts went through my mind, not least of which was the sheer lunacy of driving thousands of miles...."
  • August 2010
    "There are often times in our lives when there is little we can do about the circumstances we find ourselves in, however we can always choose the attitude we have towards them."
  • July 2010
    "In the Present Moment I am happy and well. I am at home in a safe place in a natural country setting I am enchanted with. I am in a wonderful satisfying relationship with a man I adore."
  • Summer Solstice 2010
    "As Earth revolves around the Sun, our days lengthen or shorten depending on where we are on the planet."
  • June 2010
    "Quite a number of years ago I was visiting with an elderly neighbour. We were having a cup of coffee and talking. He was telling me, what was then fresh news, about the diminishing numbers of fish in the waters off the east coast of Canada."
  • May 2010
    "When I first started to consciously communicate with spirit worlds, it was through a wonderful weekend seminar put on by people from the Institute of Shamanic Studies. They sent us to spirit realms...."
  • Earthday Special, 2010
    "Earthday is a human creation to focus awareness on the Greater Being whose body we are a part of."
  • April 2010
    Welcome to the inaugural month of Inner Mind Landscapes. I am thrilled with the job Laurie Lacey has done putting my writing on line. It has been a fun process, inspiring and animating my creative imagination.