Inner Mind


November 2011

The Right Time and Place.

Dear Friends,

After many previous months of immersion in plant consciousness, this past month has been full of people energy for me. Since I do not engage with any sort of media news reports, I am now getting a view of what is happening in human worlds from the stories people are telling me about their personal daily concerns, their engagement with their communities, families and friends, as well as their notions about what is happening in the Big Picture of human life on earth.

I contemplate people in their incredible diversity of situations, ages and stages and concerns. 

From the beautiful little girl taking great delight in making playdoh, to the stooped old woman wandering around her house with only scant fragments of her brain functioning, the diversity of human situations is beyond ken. Like fingerprints, each person's life is unique.

I am considering the idea that each one is at the right time and place in their life for their soul's growth's highest good.

The discomforts of our challenges, annoyances, survival and health concerns are the teachers of the lessons we have come into incarnation to learn.

I am reminded of the shamanic journey I participated in to ask of our spirit guides what is the meaning or purpose of pain and suffering. My guide asked me why I had the judgement that pain was somehow worse than joy. He advised me to cultivate equanimity, to accept both pain and joy as part of the experience of being in Earthwalk.

I think, as well, how it is part of the earth situation, that there are invariably factors beyond our control, that determine aspects of our lives. Whether these factors are caused by natural phenomena like weather and earthquakes or by human political, economic or social notions, or even the inconsiderate or simply different values behaviours of people around us, we are all subjected to something that exerts control over our lives.

Thinking too, how the thoughts and concerns, the stories and responses are so individual even in what would appear to be very similar situations. How some people have a very acute self-consciousness about their lives while others obliviously flow along with whatever catches their attention and makes itself at home in their thoughts and their stories.

What an amazing creation is the manifest reality of humanity.

What a priviledge to have the luxury of time and fertile imagination to contemplate it.

May you appreciate that you, also, are at the right time and place in your life.