Inner Mind


October 2011

The Tapestry of Life

Dear Friends,

I have always liked the idea of life as a tapestry in the making, with each thread representing a person or an idea or a talent or favoured activity or a particular dynamic of the situation I am in, at the time.

Some threads stay in the forefront of the tapestry, while others flash briefly and then continue in the background, sometimes to re-emerge at a further point in the weaving. Sometimes new threads are introduced or old ones are tied off. Some threads remain the same colour and thickness while others change. Some threads I can choose to bring forward or relegate to the background while others seem to have a volition of their own.

The threads of my tapestry are a unique combination especially for this Earthwalk. My inner Master has chosen them from amongst all that is in this incredible web of manifest existence.

Sometimes they continue for a while in familiar patterns. Other times the patterns are totally disrupted, threads are tangled, unfamiliar threads assert themselves in the foreground and by the time I tame them to my hands, untie the knots and smooth everything out, some of the other threads are lost in the background.

September marked the changing of the season, from summer to fall and for many people the return to work and school. For me, it was the end of my seasonal employment as a gardener and the release from the intensely all consuming organizing of my body and mind for the challenging tasks my work required of me.

All of a sudden I have time for my own thoughts and actions of my choosing. Many of the threads that had been in the forefront of my tapestry, since spring, winked out of sight, leaving me bewildered, bemused.

Many other previously familiar threads had changed colour and texture. I am no longer at the same place and state I was in when my job started seven months ago.

Who am I now? Which threads do I bring to the front of my tapestry, which old ones do I leave in the background or are there some that are now dangling and need to be tied off? And how will I discern any of this?

I contemplate the tapestry.

The first thread that comes to my attention is center and front, as it has been all along. I recognize it as the thread of my central purpose for this lifetime. The verbal understanding comes easily to mind as "keeping the peace" and being "loving presence" to whatever situation I find myself in.

Even so, it takes me several days to realize that the keynote for discerning what I need to do now is: how do I best love myself in this present moment.