Inner Mind


Philosophical Ramble 2003

Bald eagles soaring
Chickweed growing on sod piles
Twittering birds in the bushes
Dandelions in every crack of pavement
Hawkweed on every deserted lot

Winds swirling swirling swirling
Prana lifeforce consciousness
Earth alive, reasserting reassuring
changing balancing destroying
Fires floods hurricanes droughts
ADDS kids, canaries dying in the mines
Asthma and what's this adult respiratory disease
that's creeping up on heart troubles and diabetes
vying for a spot as significant cause of death?
Expansion healing contraction learning changes
Changes changes changes in lifestyles
in thought patterns in notions of reality

What was stuck now moving releasing pain
Releasing suffering confusion doubt guilt shame
Releasing anger denial denial denial
that they did not burn the witches
that they did not enslave the children
that they did not spread fear and fear
and more fear setting off nuclear blasts burning
pillaging bombing torturing starving hurting
hurting hurting aching aching aching

Oh we could just rent a funny movie
laughter is good for the soul
Oh we could just read a good book
space out in fantasy
have a make over a haircut and image change
Oh we do like our comforts and notions of reality
getting on a chat line and hearing the news about
who has what disease and what the best pills are for that one

But alas alas alas there are no pills no pills
no pills for the ills of Mother Earth

Mother Earth
Are we not a part of her body, a cell in her systems
a heart cell, a brain cell, a liver cell
All cells have the capacity to hold consciousness
responding to the guiding spirit
Human cells even have the choice
of how they will respond

Free will free will free will to engage
to heal the ills of Mother Earth

Free will to co operate
with dandelions growing on every uncontrolled lawn
with small birds that twitter and hide in the bushes
with chickweed growing on sod piles
with algae in the sea
with burdock in every wayward place
and with the nesting arrangements
for the bald eagles that are soaring